Loving your co-workers


No, this post has nothing to do with Valentines Day or anything that happened at your annual holiday party.  Rather, yesterday I posted about the need to see beyond the routine activities of work to invest in the people in your workplace.

And how should we do this? It should start with prayer, for two important reasons.

First, the Bible tells us that prayer is a means of creating positive change for others and that God wants us to pray. Even though our Creator has the ability to change things without us, he has chosen to act through us, and the Bible tells us that God hears our prayers (Prov 15:29), and will answer us (Matthew 6:6-7).

The second reason to pray for coworkers is that it is not only a act of service to them, but is discreet in a corporate office setting. I’m obviously not talking about dropping to your knees, laying hands on someone, or reciting the Lord’s prayer together (by the way, it’s ironic that we recite it because Jesus used that prayer to illustrate how not to recite prayers – see Mt 6:7 above, but I digress). No, I’m talking about a simple, one-sentence thought or request offered to God. There are lots of examples of this type of prayer in the Bible, but one of my favorites is when Nehemiah asked the king of Persia if he could return to war-torn Jerusalem to rebuild the city walls (a bold request). Nehemiah 2:4 shows us how quickly he slips in a prayer in his conversation with the King,

 The king said to me, “What is it you want?”
      Then I prayed to the God of heaven, and I answered the king, “If it pleases the king and if your servant has found favor in his sight, let him send me to the city in Judah where my fathers are buried so that I can rebuild it.”

Easy as that, and the King honored his request. So here’s my challenge for you. This week, consider someone in your workplace that is hurting and say a simple but sincere prayer for them. Perhaps it’s something going on in their lives, at work, or maybe they’re just having a lousy day. For me, the easiest time to do this is at the end of a meeting with someone when I’m heading to the door.  Oh, and what if you aren’t sure whom to pick? Just look for that person whom you find most difficult, annoying, or outright obnoxious. Chances are, they’re the one that needs your prayers the most.


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