One Week Down!

Wow, one week’s worth of blog posts already. Are you enjoying this? I certainly am!

As you can see, I’ve spent the last week discussing some Biblical basics – working for God, praying for coworkers, God’s will about our jobs, etc. I’ll continue to address such issues, but in the coming weeks and months you’ll also see current events discussed, book & article reviews, giveaways, and a variety of other types of posts. My pledge to you is that I’ll keep it Biblically centered, funny, uplifting, and as short-winded as possible.

Based on my blog stats, it looks like there’s already a couple dozen of you checking in daily, and I APPRECIATE the support. I’d ask that if you’ve found this worth reading that you pass along the link: to friends and encourage them to check back regularly or to subscribe – I’ll be posting most days of the work week.

I’ll post something new for you on Monday, but just for kicks, here’s a little Friday fun. “Always be full of joy in the Lord!” (Phil 4:4)


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