“Strategize no small strategies…


…for they have no power to gain the approval of senior management.” That’s not quite Goethe’s famous quote, but it’ll do for our purposes.

 Yesterday I read a really good article in Rotman Magazine (from Rotman Management School in Toronto). It’s called “The Second Road of Thought” and to read it, click here and scroll down to page 46.

The article does a great job of challenging how only using logical thinking can keep us endlessly stuck in the status quo. It’s true of companies, churches and families. The author, Tony Golsby-Smith, suggests that we can only create meaningful change in our world by creatively envisioning ideas that tap into human emotion and put people, not data, at the center of our strategies. This is the forgotten path in business today, and it’s a path that is perfect for us as Christians.

As stewards of God’s earthly kingdom, it’s our jobs to create a the best possible future for our kids, our company, and our community. We know that God expects us to use these talents he’s given us – our minds, our resources, our time – to do big things, not maintain the status quo (see Matt 25). Have we really tapped into the unlimited potential that God has given us? I fear that we are much too focused on the present to create a new future.

My good friend Dave often reminds me that in the world of business (and elsewhere) that belief trumps proof. When it comes to big ideas and envisioning the future, proof is rooted in the past, but belief in an idea can fuel us forward and allow us to gain the support of others. If we have the power to use our gifts in bigger, bolder ways that we currently do, then we should do so – whether that’s improving the way we live, charting a new direction for our company, or fixing how we process our accounts receivables.

So what your idea?


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