Sacrificial smiles


We had some good news today – my mom got a great new job. We’d been praying for some time that God not only provide her with a job, but that it would be one that put her many talents to good use and that she would enjoy. He generously delivered on our requests – praise God!

Actually, we’ll probably not offer the Lord nearly as much praise as we should. Like most, I’m guilty of offering a lot more petitions in my prayers than praises. It shouldn’t be that way.  I once heard someone say that God takes his biggest risks with us when he gives us blessings. When we’re in need, most of us take the time to get closer with God in order to petition him for assistance. Then, when he generously says “Yes”, then WHAM – we’re outta there.  We’re too comfy living the good life to give many thoughts or thanks to the big guy.

There’s a guy named Asaph (actually Asaph may also refer to the name of an Israelite clan) who wrote a number of Psalms, including Psalm 50, which is about giving authentic thanks. It’s worth a read.  The Psalm provides great instruction – take the time to appreciate God’s generosity and “make thankfulness your sacrifice to God.” (Psalm 50:14) 

Offering a sincere “Thank you, my Lord” is a simple sacrifice that blesses God, and something tells me that if I rejoiced always, as 1Thes 5:16 suggests, my relationship with God and my quality of life would be blessed as well.

I’d better get started… praise God for Psalm 50!


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  1. Thank you honey, for the beautiful posting. You are such a blessing and I am so grateful for all of God’s blessings but most of all you ,and your love of God.
    I have always had faith that he would provide for us, but it is really amazing to see his work so bodly obvious. I start and end each day with gratutde and appreciation, and I am never disappointed. I know you feel the same way. Love you Mom

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