Rainy reminders


 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 
 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matt 5:3-4)

Monday was one of those dark and rainy days when it seemed like a lot better idea to stay in bed all day. There are, of course, lots of days that are literally or metaphorically rainy, and it can be difficult to get through the work day with an uplifted spirit. So allow me to take a break from my typically upbeat posts and soak in the rain for a moment.

I’m continuing this week’s theme of using Christian songs as inspiration for my posts, and today I’d like share a song that a lot of folks haven’t heard – Held by Natalie Grant. My friend Andy once said that he’d heard a criticism of Christian music – that most songs were sung in the key of perpetually happy.  Held is not one of those songs. It’s a song about the lousy things that can happen in the lives of Christians.

I had a chat with a coworker that reminded me of this. A brief moment in the conversation reminded me that while all of us spend hours on end talking about work stuff – project plans, sales strategies, training programs, promotional concepts – there are people sitting among us suffering through the pains of life.  Sometimes those people are us.

Relational problems, cancer, miscarriage, financial turmoil, addiction… the list goes on, and I’m reminded that work is a means, not the end, in our lives. Yet sometimes we’re oblivious to the more meaningful, and sometimes very difficult, sides of our coworkers lives.

This song is a reminder to me that we weren’t made for this world. We weren’t promised heaven on earth, and we weren’t guaranteed that life would become easy when we pursued lives of faith. We can find comfort knowing that our Savior was a suffering one –  that he has experienced this life and the great pain that is unfortunately present in it. He’s given us one another to uplift each other and to walk with each other through the rain. As God’s adopted children, we’re not forsaken or forgotten. We are loved deeply by a heavenly Father who desires to do the same thing that we do when our children are hurting – to hold them until the pain lessens.


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