“So what will He do?”


I remember when I first moved to Chicago and started meeting new people, it seemed that everyone immediately asked me the same question – “So, what do you do?” In a transient city where people move primarily for career advancement, what you “do” is of significant conversational interest. Personally, I usually found the question off-putting.

Admittedly, I didn’t have an impressive job title to offer in response (nor do I today, for that matter). Job titles can be consuming. Since they are printed on our business cards, they are meant to be publicly shared with individuals whom we deem to be important. Instead of being a reminder of our role within our organization, they can represent a  convenient, but shallow, summary of our career accomplishments. There are good reasons why some banks are known to have hundreds of Vice Presidents calling on influential clientele.

To conclude this week’s series of posts inspired by Christian songs, I’d like to share with you the song, Meant For So Much More by Switchfoot. The lyrics of this song remind me that God’s plans for us are infinitely more important than our current job situation.

King David wrote in Psalm 40:4-5,

 Blessed is the man 
 who makes the LORD his trust, 
 who does not look to the proud, 
 to those who turn aside to false gods.

Many, O LORD my God, 
are the wonders you have done. 
The things you planned for us 
no one can recount to you; 
were I to speak and tell of them, 
they would be too many to declare.”

Defining our significance by our job titles or our career accomplishments is a tempting but dangerously misleading practice.  However, when we consider how much more God has in store for us, we can stand in awe of our incredible worth to the Author of our Universe.


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  1. It won’t let me play the video. Ryan, you are a great writer.

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