A departure from the norm

So I follow a fairly rote and formulaic approach to these posts… I post before each weekday and try to use some event from work to dig into scripture and share what I learn. Oh, and I try and find a cool picture to kick off the post. But allow me a singluar digression.

This week was exhausting. Meeting after meeting after meeting, many resulting in work that has yet to be completed. I spent time on facebook this evening IM’ing someone about a meeting next Tuesday (which, thank goodness, is actually scheduled not for next Tuesday but for August 27th, which I think is good, right?) I had a coworker come and find me to ask my help with something (actually to let me know that I’ve got a new task) that needs to be complete by mid-June. After checking my schedule, I tallied it up… I have four hours free (cumulatively) between this afternoon and June 16.

Is this the new reality of the workplace? Are we each destined to do the work of 1.5 people and our days will be spent in group meetings with individual work done over lunches and at night? I’m guessing (praying) that this trend will ultimately correct itself or that some technology will simplify this.



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  1. Ryan, Corporate America is definitely changing.

    As people retire or move to new jobs, their positions are not being filled. Those that are left are expected to pick up the slack, as if we had any slack to begin with!

    To help us “do more with less”, we are asked to join teams with foreign sounding names like “kaisan” to help us improve our processes. I get the concept, but from my experience, the hours spent working on these teams rarely produces the desired outcome. We find that we are stretched so thin, we do not have time to fully engage in these teams. The result is that we go through the motions, but rarely achieve what we could have if the proper time could be devoted to the process.

    You can also see the workplace changing with soon to become extinct terms like “lunch hour”. Using lunch breaks to meet informally with colleagues, work out, catch up on trade publications, run errands…or for that matter, actually eat lunch…..is becoming a thing of the past. Especially for an entire hour ! Ten hour work days in the office are becoming the norm, and most people I know eat lunch at their desks, trying to catch up on e-mail. To make matters worse, technology tools make it possible (and expected) for many people to then work evenings, weekends and even holidays.

    The irony is that most companies say they encourage their people to learn, grow, be creative, find balance in their life and maintain a healthier lifestyle…..but we are also expected to work longer hours, carry a heavier work load, and be accessible 24/7.

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